Ac’cent is a product by S&G Foods which is essentially pure MSG.  Ironically, nowhere on their website is MSG mentioned.  They refer to Glutamate as a “naturally occurring substance” but also fail to use the word monosodium anywhere.   Are they hiding something?  If our cigarette companies advertised their products as “all natural plant products” and did not mention the word tobacco it would surely be seen as deceptive.   Why Ac’cent can market pure MSG as a natural spice when it is neither natural or a spice is difficult to understand.  Since S&G Foods won’t tell you, we will:   Ac’cent is MSG, Ac’cent is MSG, Ac’cent is MSG!   There.  We said it.

Even more difficult to understand is this NBC News video featured on the Ac’cent website HERE which appears to celebrate a new thing called UMAMI (which is simply the Japanese term for MSG coined in 1908).  The entire video goes on and on about how great this substance is yet the word MSG is only mentioned once.  “Umami”, the expert said “contains some MSG”.   How this blatant attempt to manipulate consumers’ views of MSG is being tolerated is downright abuse of NBC News’ authority as a legitimate media channel.   Just in case anyone is unclear, UMAMI is MSG, Ac’cent is MSG, and it is produced through industrial chemical manufacturing and is not natural or healthy by any stretch of the imagination.


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