Campbell’s Noodle Soup

Campbell’s Noodle Soup contains MSG.  Mothers across the nation are feeding Campbell’s noodle soup to their children thinking it is healthy when, in fact, it contains a known neuro-stimulant with known adverse side effects and an unknown impact on long-term health.  Campbell states directly on their website:

“Its been used safely for more than a century. MSG is a common flavor enhancer added by chefs and food manufacturers alike”         From Campbell’s FAQ Page

There you have it.  Campbell’s noodle soup must be safe if MSG has been used for more than a century and it is added by chefs and food manufacturers.  Maybe Coke should put Cocaine back in Coca Cola as they did a hundred years ago.  Now, more than ever, we must stay informed and protect the health of our children by being skeptical of the foods we buy.


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