Oscar Meyer Balogna

Oscar Mayer Bologna Made With Chicken & Pork contains MSG.   If you read the ingredients, though, they have skillfully hidden this from you.  Notice the words Autolyzed Yeast.  This is a process that creates a substance from Yeast that contains significant amounts of MSG.  Since autolized yeast is not pure MSG the manufacturers in America do not have to list MSG on the list of ingredients.  How convenient.  The fact is, though, when you eat a product that contains autolized yeast you are absolutely eating MSG.  We hope one day the government of the United States will do its job of protecting citizens from this loophole and force manufacturers of garbage food that they need to at least inform customers of the harmful substances that the product contains.   For now, we have the MSG Report!

oscar_mayer_bologna oscar-mayer-bologna

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