The Slow Poisoning of America


John Erb, author of The Slow Poisoning of America draws a link between MSG and autism among other health dangers.  He states:

MSG is an amino acid that affects almost every major system and organ in the body. Glutamate receptors trigger many different responses and can be over stimulated to cause cell death and other systemic problems. For thirty years, scientists and researchers have used MSG in their experiments to purposely create obese and pre-diabetic test subjects, trigger epileptic seizures, create ischemic stroles, and destroy cell tissues in vivo and in vitro. The amount of studies that use MSG to cause negative effects in test subjects numbers over one thousand, published in a variety of medical and scientific journals in over a dozen different countries.
“There is mounting evidence that not only the rise in human obesity and diabetes is linked to the ingestion of Monosodium Glutamate, but the increase in Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder as well.
“In light of the overwhelming evidence showing the detrimental effects of the food additive MSG, it is requested that the FAO/WHO’s Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) remove monosodium glutamate (and ingredients that contain MSG) from the allowable additives list of the Codex Alimentarius, and have it banned from vaccines as well….
“Because food manufacturers do not have to list the amount of MSG on their packaging, there is no way of knowing how much a normal child or adult would ingest in a day’s period. According to industry research 0.6% added to food is optimal for making people eat progressively more and faster… If this is the case, as much as .6% of a person’s daily diet could be made up of MSG. In a daily intake of 2 kgs of laced food the adult or child would receive a 12 gram dose of monosodium glutamate. A 12 gram dosage of MSG is lethal to a one kg rat.

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